Virtual Dynamic Storyboard (VDS) allows users storyboarding shots in virtual environments, where the filming staffs can easily test the settings of shots before the actual filming🔥.
[Story Script] 
Jane and Jack  are arguing  in living room.  
[Camera Script] 
Arc  Medium  High-angle.  

Virtual Dynamic Storyboard runs on a “propose-simulate-discriminate” mode: given a formatted story script and a camera script as input, it generates several character animation and camera movement proposals following predefined story and cinematic rules⚡️.


To get an overview understanding of Virtual Dynamic Storyboard (VDS), please refer to the following demo video, which detailedly illustrates VDS's pipeline and its user interfaces🚀.


Virtual Dynamic Storyboard currently supports:

  • 11 Camera Movements: static, follow, push/pull, zoom-in/out, tilt, pan, dolly, pedestal, arc, dolly zoom, roll shots;
  • 8 Shot Scales: extreme close-up, close-up, medium close, medium, medium full, full, long, and extreme long shots;
  • 3 Shot Angles: eye-level, high-angle, low-angle;
  • 100+ Character Actions: Walk, StandUp, Watch, Point, Grab, Jump, Talk, Touch, Dance, Cry, etc.;
  • 20 Characters: Anna, Betty, Cindy, Robot Ben, Tom, Jack, Jane, and Mike, etc;
  • 20 Scenes: 8 different indoor houses, 3 different streets, offices, factories, and farms, which contain 60 places, e.g., living rooms, bedrooms, and outside forests of a farm.
Here we provide a glimpse of it🤗. [More to come]

[Shot Movements]
[Shot Scales]
[Shot Angles]


Addtioanlly, we developed multiple user-friendly extentions to support users to personalized their adjustment🤗. [More to come]

  • Camera Extension for customized camera control on ISO, Shutter, etc.

  • Rendering Extension for customized shot on pre-defined camera behaviours, including Push, Pull, Zoom, Dolly, etc.

  • Action Extension for customized character actions.

  • Data Synthesis Extension for multi-modal data synthesis, including RBG Image, Instance Segmentation mask, Depth Map, etc.