Intelligent Cinematography
Everyone can be a Director

Our Goals

VirtualFilmStudio is dedicated to content creation specifically for the film industry, aiming to leverage artificial intelligence technology to enhance production efficiency across all aspects of film production. We firmly believe that the responsible and effective utilization of artificial intelligence technology will empower film practitioners to create superior artistic works, supporting them in their creative endeavors.

Mise-en-scène Inversion

Extract various visual elements from film footage, including stage design, lighting and the arrangement of actors in scenes.

Controllable Camera Planning

The Intelligent camera planning algorithm assist artists in swiftly formulating the shooting plan, enabling efficient decision-making processes in film production.

Cinematic Style Transfer

Pay homage to the masters of film by replicating their iconic shots with distinct content, thereby showcasing our reverence for their artistic contributions.

Simple Interactive Tools

Develop user-friendly tools that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows across various platforms to facilitate the content creation process.

Virtual Dynamic Storyboard

Virtual Dynamic Storyboard (VDS) allows users storyboarding shots in virtual environments, where the filming staffs can easily test the settings of shots before the actual filming.


Cinematic Behavior Transfer via NeRF-based Differentiable Filming.

Multi-Camera Editing

Temporal and Contextual Transformer for Multi-Camera Editing of TV Shows.

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